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Explore Small and Sustainable in Savannah

Fable was founded in Savannah, Georgia by three hungry, tired, and broke college students. Though they have all since graduated and are currently scattered across the United States, there are a few small and sustainable businesses that they wish they could have brought home with them.

1. Savannah Pops

If you're looking for a cool, delicious treat in Savannah, you're best choice is Savannah Pops over on MLK. Not only are they made in-house, but there are 22 different flavors at any given time! And we have loved each and every single one. Erin's favorite is the Salted Caramel, which is caramel flavored ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in pretzel pieces. Madelyn's is Tart Lemonade, a perfectly sour sweet treat.

2. Clary's Cafe

We lost count of how many times we went to Clary's for various meetings and celebrations. It's the best diner food in Savannah and is only a short walk from Forsyth Park. If you're a SCAD student, you can take a bus to Ruskin or Hayman's, and you'll be even closer! We recommend ordering off the all-day breakfast menu no matter what time you go. We love the Stuffed French Toast.

3. Big Bon Bodega

You might begin to notice that there are a lot of cafes on our list of Savannah favorites. This might be because Savannah has some of the best cafes in the United States or because us students loved to have a reason to leave our dorm while still being "productive." Big Bon Bodega had some really good reasons: coffee, bagels, pizza, and tables outside to enjoy the sun.

4. E. Shaver Booksellers

The only non-restaurant business on our list is E. Shaver's, a quaint small business bookstore on the northeast corner of Madison Square. Inside, you'll find room after room after room after room of books and... cats! The E. Shavers cats are sleepy, cuddly, and free to roam to bookstore, but you'll usually find them either in the front windows, on the checkout counter, or in the room furthest to the back.

5. Franklin's

Just one block north of E. Shaver's, you'll find Franklin's, a beautiful, lower-level coffee shop with windows facing the feet and paws walking down Liberty Street. Their beverages are hot, cold, and creative, but if you're looking for something to eat, try their Monte Carlo sandwich. (We have learned that this may have been taken off the menu since the last time we've eaten there, but all of their food is rich and delicious!)

6. Fox and Fig

This next one is a little more up the Fable-fresh alley. Fox and Fig is a vegan cafe with a local and plant-based menu that has something for everyoneeven picky eaters like Madelyn. We love their smoothies and their Fox and Fig Burger with that squishy pretzel bun and agave-dijon sauce.

Let us know what your favorite small businesses are in Savannah or wherever you live!

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